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Spicy Dinner Recipes – Cooking Light

Deliver a punch of spice and heat to the dinner plate with these spicy recipes. Fiery and flavorful, these recipes inspired by the cuisines of the world will tickle the flavor buds of all the hot heads in your family and delight eaters who adore global cuisine.

Hot and Spicy Dishes – MyRecipes

Heat olive oil and butter in a large Dutch oven over medium-high until butter melts and starts to foam, about 1 minute. Add shallot and prosciutto; cook, stirring occasionally, until shallot is translucent and prosciutto is crisp, about 5 minutes.

9 Spicy Dinner Recipes – Real Simple

And liking spicy foods may benefit your figure as well. In one study, consuming a little hot pepper (in tomato juice or in capsules) 30 minutes before a meal helped study participants feel less hungry and eat about 10 percent less. Turn up the heat with cayenne, chili powder and chile peppers in these spicy recipes.

60+ Best Spicy Recipes – Easy Spicy Dinner Ideas —Delish.com

When you’re in a rush, dinner can often turn into something super basic: pasta and red sauce, a turkey sandwich, a sad salad you know the deal.

17 Spicy Recipes That Bring Some Heat to the Dinner Table

These recipes can ease you into just a little heat, and a little sunshine. They won’t make your mouth feel on fire all night – they’ll just add a little warmth to your dinner table. From a spicy grapefruit guacamole, to a 30-minute chicken posole, to bibimbap tacos – you have plenty to choose from.

Cooking for Two Recipes – Allrecipes.com

Serve up a spicy dinner for two with this hot and creamy linguini tossed with an eye-opening blend of chicken strips sauteed with Cajun seasoning, colorful bell peppers, mushrooms and onions. Cream, basil, lemon pepper and garlic powder finish the sauce.

47 Healthy Dinner Ideas – Recipes for Light Meals

You don’t have to compromise on taste in order to serve your family a healthy dinner. These recipes are full of flavor and will have you reaching for seconds (and thirds!) without the guilt.

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